Social Events and Guest Program

Social Events

Monday, 9 September 2019
19.00-21.00 – Welcome Reception  in the Cloister  of Abbey of San Pietro
Thursday, 12 September 2019 
Social Excursion to Todi and its surroundings and Gala Dinner

Small, charming piazzas and gardens tucked away within the city walls as well as a dense labyrinth of streets and alleyways where tourists can easily and pleasantly lose themselves whist discovering the city’s architectural features, hidden away and exquisite, protected by the silence of a more than thousand-year old civilisation. 
This is Todi, which rose up and developed thanks to its exceptional architecture, allowing it to rise to a position of pre-eminence over the surrounding areas. Todi is the mirror of its more than one-thousand years of history, retracing the steps of the Umbri (the ancient tribe that first settled in the area) and their Etruscan neighbours, the influence of the Roman Empire and the strength of the free township, up to the glory of the Renaissance and the few remaining signs of the Baroque era.
It is well worth the effort of walking up the hills and steps of one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations to discover the breathtaking views of its forested countryside as well as the Tiber valley. Whether it be the soft blues of the morning or hazy pink sunsets, Todi’s landscape changes with the seasons and always inspires a sense of wonder.

Guest Program

Guided tours will be organized in different locations of Umbria.
The program will be available soon.

Tuesday 10 September at 19:00 it will be possible to go to a concert by the Choir of the University of Perugia at the San Lorenzo cathedral.

Wednesday 11 September from 10:00 to 13:00 is planned a visit to Perugia for accompanying people. The visit is in English language and is free.

Interested people can send an e-mail by September, 5th at 13:00 to It will be possible to book also on 9th September evening and on 10th morning at the registration desk

Consulta Umbria is available for any need or request.