Conference Venue

Perugia is the capital city of Umbria. The ancient town is located on the top of a hill (494 m elevation a.s.l.), about 165 kilometres north of Rome and 150 km southeast of Florence. Information on the town and on-going events are available at:

The Umbria region is considered the “green heart of Italy”, thanks to its wooded hills, mountains and agricultural landscapes, scattered with very ancient villages, small towns and castles.

Typical attractions of Umbria are its history and its architectural landmarks, traditions, excellent food and drink, open-air activities and spiritual atmospheres.

The venue of the Conference is the Abbey of San Pietro, located in the south-eastern part of ancient Perugia – see map. The monumental complex of the San Pietro Abbey is the location of the Department and property of the Fondazione per l’Istruzione Agraria. It includes the Monastery with three main cloisters, the magnificent Basilica, the gothic hexagonal bell tower, the Tesori d’Arte gallery, the Medieval Garden, the Botanic Garden and, finally, two castles (Rocca di Casalina and Rocca di sant’Apollinare) with extensive lands in the surroundings of the town. The Conference will be held in the Aula Magna of the Monastery.